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For the professional with Talent Vision and leadership.

CEO.V is an eyewear brand exclusively designed for men, who are leaders in their professional field. CEO.V is committed to create high-profile products with high standard materials and extraordinary frame details. CEO.V believes professional and high-quality frames must be carefully crafted in every detail and adhere to the strict pursuit of functionality. Winner of the DFA Design Award for its brand design and recognition.  CEO.V is the best choice for the professional with talent, vision and leadership.

Brand Story
The facts
The mission

Compact and Stylish

CEO.V logo_2-01.png

Using 24K gold as the main element, the metallic luster enhances the overall textures and looking. The matching leather and fine patterns are set off to enrich the frames layers design. Function-Design has always been the highlight of CEO.V, The Foldable Hinge Design makes the frames wearing closer to the neck and reduces discomfort. The patented temple of CEO.V can be folded and unfolded, the magnets at the temple tip ends are used to connect the two temples to be hung around the neck while you are not using the frames. The storage case features light weight and slim design., matching the CEO.V frames. Easy to carry and easy to store in the suit front pocket. Compact and Stylish.

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Attention to Detail and Function.

Frames have always been an important element contributed to Personal Image. Different design textures will surely bring out the different personal effects. To create and display the most suitable brand image for professionals is always CEO.V brand target and achievement. CEO.V frames are steady and practical, every design elements and details are of  professional showing.

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